Games We Like To Play

Gaming around this place is multi-faceted and includes traditional fantasy role-playing games (The Tome of Midkemia of course), computer games in abundance and traditional 'board' games as often as possible (sadly my family aren't big gamers so role player and board games are less common these days). The following sections are the page are divided into area's representing each genre of gaming and what's happening these days.

Board Games We're Playing

Gloomhaven - completely subsumed by this self-modifying game. Clearly game of the year!
Pandemic Legacy - really enjoying the self-modifying flavor of the game now that I'm over "only being able to play through it once". Almost as good as Gloomhaven.
Sentinals of the Multiverse - a cooperative card game playing heros trying to defeat the villan and the environment. Tremendous variability with every game being different. Lots of expansions. Continues to be the 'last game' of the evening on game nights.
London Markets - a nice goods trading game set in London. Interesting mechanics with rotating options making it difficult to perfect a stragety.
Castles of Mad King Ludwig - competing to build the castle the King wants by adding segments to your castle each turn. The trick is that your opponents determine what pieces are available each turn. Nice, fun game.
Forge Wars - a unique competative game of questing, mining, market action and forging weapons. already.
XIA - Legend of a Drift System Kickstarter game of merchants and pirates in deep space. Great game for up to 5.
Looking forward to the expansion now on Kickstarter.

Older games we still play

Kill Doctor Lucky - a remake of an older Cheapass Game with true enhancements over the original. Trying to kill Dr. Lucky in the spooky old mansion BUT no one can see you AND drat those pesky failure cards - get it!
Arkham Horror - if you like Lovecraft you'll probably like this nicely done game. Lots of expansions
Betrayal at House on the Hill - a really fun multi-player game exploring a haunted mansion and triggering different 'Haunts' where you never know who's going to end up the bad guy.

Computer Games We're Playing

World of Warcraft - Legion. Got my mage to 110 but running out of steam and playing other stuff.
Rails - play by email version of Avalon Hill's 1830 game - great game if you like railroad games.

Role Playing in Midkemia

Dungeon Delving near the Sunken Lands: Steve Abrams is running a mix of people on a long-term campaign.
First the party discovered a mysterious underground fortress, which they had to cleanse of pesky goblins (hmmm, some escaped...).
Then they discovered the secrets to the fortresses teleportation capability.
Now to solve the mystery of the wall of scrolls...