Cities:Encounters Now Available in Digital Format

Now Available! The digital version of the Cities Encounter Tables. This app is available for Android, PC, and MAC users free with limited capabilities and just $1.99 for an unlimited license (available as an in-App Purchase for the App or by purchasing a license for the PC and MAC versions). Try it out and let us know what you think. Coming someday to the iPhone and iPad (as soon as one of us learns Swift or Objective-C).

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Now Available Digitally as PDF files

Sadly - all of our products are out of physical print.

Having said that we can now proudly offer an Adobe Acrobat version (.pdf) of the Cities book, The City of Carse, and The City of Jonril. Each product is delivered as a custommized PDF and each city product is zipped with its associated maps. Books vary from 4MB up to 10MB and multiple orders are each sent in a separate email.

All our products can be ordered on our Order Form

CITIES our original (and still the best) book of random city encounters, solo city adventuring, and city development tables. 86 pages

Cities:Encounters the PC/Mac application or Android App version of the City Encounter tables. It's free for generating single encounters in the Merchant area or for $2 you can license the full set of tables and (on Mac or PC) edit the encounter tables to tailor them for each specific city if desired. Try the free version first.

The City of Carse a fully populated and indexed city ready to run, including 3 pre-defined adventures. 94 pages

Jonril Gateway to the Sunken Lands a fully populated and indexed city ready to run. Tailored as a companion to Heart of the Sunken Lands but fully capable of being run as a standalone product. 131 pages.

Tulan of the Isles a large town on a set of islands, Tulan is downstream from Jonril or anywhere you like. Fully populated and indexed. 61 pages.

Heart of the Sunken Lands a complete wilderness environment ready for adventuring and used with Jonril to enahance the experience. 157 pages.

The Black Tower a complete 'dungeon' environment set in a haunted castle. Find it on our 'Free Stuff' page. 49 pages.

Towns of the Outlands a set of six different fully populated villages and towns. Find it on our 'Free Stuff' pages. 76 pages.

For a Sampler of CITIES with just a couple tables: Cities - Sampler (2.4MB)

For some free stuff go to the Free Stuff page.

This page last updated January 27, 2021