Midkemia: The Chronicles of Pug

Comparative Planetary Maps of Midkemia From the Time of Magician to Magician's End

Orange Peel Maps Combined

Massive geological changes occurred at the climax of the 5th Rift War, not just on the continent of Triagia but throughout the world.

Major changes include the shifting of Triagia north and major restructuring of the continental masses. Mountain ranges and deserts change their configurations and rivers change the paths they take seeking the sea. The Sunset Isles sink and the Archipelago appears where Krekenfall and the Isles of the Kraken used to be. The central portions of Winet rise hundreds of feet and newly appearing barrier islands change the geo-political realities. Islands appear off southern Novindus and the equitorial portions of the continent shift.

All these changes result in not just the expected earthquakes and tsunamis but cause biological catastrophies, including two major plagues in Kesh which changed the political complexion of the entire Empire.