Games We Like To Play

Gaming around this place is multi-faceted and includes traditional fantasy role-playing games (The Tome of Midkemia of course), computer games in abundance and traditional 'board' games (now through Roll20) as often as possible (sadly my family aren't big gamers so role player and board games are less common these days). The following sections are the page are divided into area's representing each genre of gaming and what's happening these days.

Board Games We're Playing

Zombicide: Invader and Dark Side - not too tough to set up and a few hours of fun killing Xenos once a week.

Computer Games We're Playing

Civilization VI -- newest variant of Sid Meyer's classics.
Race For the Galaxy - through Board Game Arena.

Role Playing

Dungeon Delving near the Sunken Lands: Steve Abrams and Jon Everson are running a mix of people on a long-term campaign.
Killing Cthulus Minions: Jeff Velton GMs our intreped band in Call of Cthulu.

This page last updated January 27, 2021